MACHO raza ovina assaf

The Assaf sheep breed groups predominantly white animals, with individuals who may have red or black coloration in their distal parts, as the face and extremities, Profile Subconvex, Big and strong aptitude for dairy size.


The Spanish Assaf breed is a variant of the Assaf breed originating in Israel. The introduction began in Spain in the year 1977 and is mainly formed by successive crosses by absorption with Spanish native breeds.

The Assaf breed is a synthetic breed originating in Israel created in the Volcani Center Year 1955. It comes from the cross between ewes and male Awassi breed in the proportion Milschschaf 5/8 and 3/8 respectively.

The first group of Assaf sheep came to Spain José Luis Moncada introduced, livestock located in Gordoncillo (Leon) that between 1977-1980 in three batches of Israel. From this first nucleus was selling studs other farmers in the area; by this procedure, absorption cross male Assaf sheep breeds and the Churra Castellana, was spreading and forming the Spanish Assaf breed in Castilla y León first, and later in the rest of Spain and Portugal.

Then come to Spain other animal imports, semen and embryos of Portugal being in some cases embryos originating in Israel. Another genetic source, which has contributed to the Spanish Assaf breed, It has been by some farmers in Castilla y León, the introduction of F1 between males Milschschaf sheep and sheep or Castilian Churras, who passed by Assaf plus, had the advantage of being white layer, phenotype preferred by most of the farmers.

The Assaf breed is administratively recognized in Spain 5 August of the year 2003 through APA/2420/2003 ORDER 28 August by updating the official catalog of livestock breeds in Spain. The 22 March 2005 specific regulation of the Herd Book of Spanish Assaf breed is approved.


The Assaf breed is mainly located in the community of Castile and León, where it is estimated a population of 500.000 sheep in purity and 400.000 Crossed, the highest concentration of farms located Duero Basin, in the provinces of Zamora, Leon, Valladolid, Palencia and Salamanca.

In addition there are also herds in other regions such as Navarra, Castilla-La Mancha, Andalusia and Extremadura.


The Spanish Assaf breed is a sheep dairy fitness, is operated primarily under intensive, permanent housing, tending to a birth year. The production is highly variable depending on management and production conditions of each livestock, average production ranges from 1,5 and 2 liters of milk in lactating for 6 – 7 months.


The census of the Assaf breed in Spain is estimated at approximately 600.000-700.000 sheep (1.060-1300 herds) with a degree of purity higher than 80 % and a 500.000 ovejas cross Assaf, but progressing to Assaf purity, by successive crosses with males Assaf.


Shares of selection and improvement of Spanish Assaf breed are organized by the ASSAF.E (National Association of breeders breed Spanish Assaf). This association is based in Zamora, c/Brahones nº 2, has 130 partners, some 100.000 sheep, currently registered in the Herd Book. Although at present the integrated approximately ASSAF.E 15 % Assaf of farmers in Spain, is expected in the coming years most farmers are integrated.

Since the opening of the Herd Book Breeders Association has initiated a breeding program nationwide, selection to increase the quantity and quality of milk, for it has established the official Milk Recording, and the implementation of a program of test-based selection for male offspring.

The program is raised using insemination Center Center sheep breeding OVIGEN, located in Toro (Zamora), and other authorized centers can collaborate.