Ovigén manages the center selection and breeding of sheep and goats of Castilla y León arising from the collaboration agreement signed between the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock of the Junta de Castilla y León and the Association for the selection and breeding of sheep and Castilla y León goat (OVIGEN).

With new artificial insemination techniques we increase the fertility of his flock

Ovigen specializes in improving the production of animals by breeding. This improvement is especially efficient withartificial insemination having among others those advantages:

  1. Reduce your health risks of exploitation.
  2. Allows production desestacionalidad.
  3. Use the best males in the establishment.

The breeding programs developed in recent years in the cattle breeds that are exploited in Castilla y León have led to the current genetic advance, which allows the improvement of production and farm profitability.

Ovigén ultimate goal is to increase the profitability of farms sheep and goat. To get it focuses on the following areas:

  • Support the selection schemes and breeding groups of farmers sheep and goats with implantation in the autonomous community of Castile and León, actively collaborating with:  also, anca, ancro, assafe, acrimur, cabrama, acaesa y aesla.
  •  Dissemination of genetic improvement Establishing achieved promotion plans sheep and goat breeds of Castilla y León.
  •  Training and information addressed to the sheep and goat sector on reproductive management and assisted reproduction (Artificial insemination and embryo transfer).
  •  Creation and maintenance of a genebank for storage of genetic material.
  • Making projects research and development and technological innovation activities related to selection and breeding sheep and goats.

Seleccion laboratory embryos

On this tour, Center of Selection and Breeding of Sheep and Goats of Castilla y León (Ovigén) has developed a key role. The housing and care of stallions, the development of seminal doses and artificial insemination has allowed the dissemination of genetic improvement.

On the initiative of breed associations have developed a viability plan that has achieved the necessary funding to ensure continuity and a business plan that begins to bear fruit. Este año se prevee aumentar considerablemente la exportación de material genético y consolidar la actividad de transferencia de embriones.