Services offered Ovigén:

The breeding programs developed in recent years in the cattle breeds that are exploited in Castilla y León have led to the current genetic advance, which allows the improvement of production and farm profitability.

On this tour, Center of Selection and Breeding of Sheep and Goats of Castilla y León (Ovigén) has developed a key role. The housing and care of stallions, the development of seminal doses and artificial insemination has allowed the dissemination of genetic improvement.

estabulacion lacaune ovigen
  • Development of chilled and frozen semen doses of ovine and caprine.

  • Collection and freezing of embryos.

  • Marketing of semen doses.

  • Artificial insemination service.

  • Conservation of herd resources (genebank).

  • Applied research projects.

  • Training activities: organization of courses and seminars.

  • Dissemination and promotion of sheep and goat breeds of Castilla y León.

What gives you as livestock services:

  • Chilled and frozen semen doses.
  • Bank of semen.
  • Artificial insemination service.
  • Embryo transfer.
  • Training Courses.

Applied Research in the great facilities and genetics laboratory


Conducting theoretical and practical courses and seminars enables the dissemination of knowledge among professionals. Ovigén participation in applied research projects such as the two recently requested in the call for Innovation MAGRAMA (optimization of artificial insemination and genomic selection) allow significant progress in achieving its end, promotion and development of the selection and breeding of sheep and goat sector in Castilla y León.