Center selection and breeding

Sheep and Goat of Castilla and Leon

The center selection and breeding of sheep and goats born of a collaboration agreement signed between the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock of the board of Castilla y León and the Association for the Selection and Breeding of Sheep and Goats of Castilla y León (Ovigen).

Keeping improvement programs of different breeds and promote genetic progress is the main reason that led the associations to ask the Ministry of Agriculture the transfer of the center and create a collaboration agreement with this that allows its activity.

Breeders Associations Assaf sheep breeds (Assafe), Castellana (ANCA), Churra (ALSO), Ojalada (ANCRO) y Lacaune (AESLA) and goat Murciano-Grenadine (CAPRIGRAN) have opted for maintaining Ovigén, opening a new stage in the management.

Livestock production has increased through genetic improvement and management now obtained the first positive genetic results after years of work, effort and investment by the government and the farming. The cessation of activity Ovigen that all this investment would have been in vain, production would fall in a few years and profit margins would not allow face production costs.

It's time to value the achievements and through Ovigén, in collaboration with the administration, cooperatives and vets, ensure dissemination of genetic improvement achieved.

The possibility of developing activities that complement the selection schemes both in training and research aspects, They make Ovigén a reference center in the sector.

Conducting theoretical and practical courses and seminars enables the dissemination of knowledge among professionals. Ovigén participation in applied research projects such as the two recently requested in the call for Innovation MAGRAMA (optimization of artificial insemination and genomic selection) allow significant progress in achieving its end, promotion and development of the selection and breeding of sheep and goat sector in Castilla y León.

Sheep and goat artificial insemination, breeding and selection of breeds of sheep and goats.

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